The CineConvert Division is the head of the Content Store and Management - Convert and Delivery System CSM – CDS  From this service You can read more info soon

The content conversion is very important for file delivery and for file archiving. The CineConvert division is ready to receive Your file (audio, video, subtitle) and convert to any format for archiving, for broadcasting, for streaming and for authoring. Our CineFuture system can use any industry standard audio, video and subtitle format.

DCP to ProRes conversion with color restoration (XYZ>RGB) directly from DCP.

We can replace the original audio file without reencoding and we can adjust the audio loudness to the prescribed LEQ(m) or LUFS (EBU R128) value.

Framerate change (vice versa) for video, audio and subtitle file. (NTSC-FILM-PAL)

The CineScale is a special upscaling process. Lots of valuable content available in SD quality, but today the television stations VOD market use HD quality or better for brodcasting. The simple upscale from SD to HD converison is not work. The best choice is our CineScale services. With the CineScale algorythm the upscaled picture is smooth, not pixeled and combined the upscale with the CineSharp system. The CineScale has a other option. We can adjust the old 4:3 to 16:9 screen. This is not just a simple crop task the CineScale adjust the image should not cut the actor head.

The CineSharp is a special sharping method. With this system the soft edges is looks sharp and all details is clear and smooth. This services is ideal for television stations, VOD market but work for DVD and BD product too.

Conversion services

We can create any type of VOD stream file with XML file.

- Multi codec – SD/HD/4K/8K/3D
- Multi bandwidth/size stream
- Multi language audio
- PID settings
- Burned in, added or streamed VOD DVB subtitles
- Re-encode
- Re-PID

Management services

If You are a VOD service provider, You can use easily our VOD management system.

- Multi language
- Multi user management
- Order and Upload management
- Price change
- Cathegory change
- Automated XML generation